Wednesday, 17 February 2016

TA Ski Day 4 - Onesie-Wednesday


Today was Day 4 of the Swiss Alpine Adventure 2016.
It was such amazing weather all day and not a cloud in sky, however there were a few clouds down in the valley, creating the mystical illusion that the people below you were skiing down into oblivion...
But no one was really, and the views created were the best yet!

Amazing views in an amazing place
Our top story today is that it was, in fact, Onsie-Wednesday. This means there were a few extra wildlife characters to be seen on the slopes, not least the 4 Teletubby Characters!
I was Po. It was so funny to see some of the looks people gave you as you skied past, and some even took photos!
Amongst the other characters there were a Crocodile, a Kangeroo, a Panda, a Banana and the Wipe-out costume worn proudly by Jon.

Teletubbies assemble (around Abi)
He and Amie almost won a joint nomination for this amazing wipe-out yesterday, which ended in both of them on the floor after they were practicing their acrobatics on a T-Bar. Jon had come up with the 'great' idea that, as T-Bars are boring on a normal day, they would try to change places whilst moving. They had planned it and everything, but Jon let go of the T-Bar a bit too early and consequently tripped up Amie, who skied off to the side and both off then fell off. The best part was it was all caught on camera!

Anyway that was yesterday, so back to today. We first split into groups: Beth, Olivia and Zoe didn't manage to ski again, so went up to first in the Train and met us at lunch time. The rest of us split down into 2 groups and Sid led a group down a blue to Grindlewald, whilst I led a group down the red to Grindlewald.
Sid's group enjoying the Blue run
From there both groups took the train and cable car to First where we all met to have lunch, photos and some of us were even brave enough to take on the Flieger Flyer zip-line! This is the largest zip-line in Europe and was so much fun to try!
Flieger Flyer
Po and Laalaa Preparing to take on the Flieger Flyer
After lunch there was more time to ski in our groups down our respective run choices, then my group ended the day down the black to the cable car and home.
Lunchtime fun in the snow
Everyone is now back safely and ready to enjoy a lovely meal of Beef Goulash with new potatoes and veg.
We will then get together to discuss who deserves the Wipe-Out of the Day tomorrow and have a short talk by Jake, our speaker for this week (who has also bought along his lovely wife Rossi).

Take a look at tomorrows Blog to find out who wins  and why.


Mountain walk

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