Thursday, 18 February 2016

TA Ski Day 5- Final day Skiing!

Today was a sad day as it was our last full day skiing :(
However it's not all bad because it was one of the best days yet! The weather was perfect, with Blue skies all day complete with snow that looked like a glitter carpet covering the mountain.

View from the top of the Schilthorn
We all headed over to Winteregg today, did a few runs there, then made our way over to Murren to take the cable-car up and meet everyone at Birg for lunch.

Mother and Daughter time
More good news was that Beth and Zoe managed to ski today! They went with Jon in the morning to Murren to try some blue runs, then Beth and I took on the blue at Birg in the afternoon to test out our parallels. However by then Zoe was unable to ski due to her knee hurting.

Lucy, Beth, Zoe and Jon
The others split into 2 groups in the morning, I took a group on the red runs, and Simon took a group on the Blue runs.
We all made our way to Murren and had lunch in Birg with the most amazing views anyone could have imagined!
Matt's Modelling Shoot with the view
In the afternoon the groups split down a bit further and everyone spread out over the mountain (not on their own though obviously..)

Sam, Lucy and Jon Chairlift selfie
Some were even brave enough to try the Schilthorn black run, seen in the opening scenes of 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' in the James Bond series. There was also an opportunity to have a look around the James Bond museum and the famous revolving restaurant.
Jonny as James Bond 
We carried on skiing for a little longer then met back at the chalet and enjoyed a meal of Chicken Korma with Naan bread.

Soon we will be continuing our evening celebrations with the Wipe-out of the day nominations and the final talk in Jake's series.

Yesterday the Wipe-Outfit went to Amie for falling over when she didn't even have skies attached to her feet! She was coming out of the cable car and simply 'forgot how to walk' and face-planted the floor! she claims she was covering for Sam who was stuck in the cable car, but we saw it with our own eyes and didn't see any signs of Sam struggling... She also deserved it having for having got off so lightly when she wiped-out a fellow ski school student earlier in the week, and being involved in T-Bar acrobatics with Jon, so we don't feel bad at all really...

Jonny, Amie (in the Wipe-outfit)  and Me 
We are all really sad to be leaving tomorrow afternoon, but feel ready for a good break (especially Jon, Beth and me who have been out here for 2 weeks!)

Saskia + Annabelle chair-lift selfie
Look at the Blog over the weekend for out last post of TA Ski 2016 and any stories of the journey home.

Abi's funny face!

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