Friday, 25 March 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello readers,

Sorry for the infrequency of our posts these past few weeks, as the title suggests, we have officially entered busy season, and let me tell you it lives up to its name (so far at least anyway)!

So what have we been up to that made it so busy, I hear you ask?
Well let me tell you;

1. Fire Marshal Training

We had a training session with the whole team where Andy led us through the correct protocol for if there was a fire and how to deal with it efficiently and safely.
This included presentations in the training room, but also practical drills around Windmill Farm so we could all get a feel for the real situation.

Andy imparting his wisdom
During one of these drills we were told we needed to find a person who hadn't left the building, classic Jeff...
Thankfully Beth was on hand and found him just in the nick of time!
Beth + Jeff
2. HTB + D of E

On Friday night we went to Didcot station to pick up a leadership group from HTB church in London, who came to Adventure Plus so we could get them out of their comfort zones and give them experience in leading groups under less than perfect conditions.
This meant they were given short briefs on activities which they then had to go and teach the rest of their group despite not having done the activity before themselves.
Some of these activities included canoeing skills, setting up an archery range, setting up scout tents to sleep in, and cooking on an open fire as well as building it.

Welcome to out office Ducks
It was a pretty full on weekend, but they really enjoyed it and were keen to find out more about A+ and what we did here.
HTB helping each other out
There were only 4 DisTIL members on site with HTB that weekend, as the others went off site to Staffordshire where they supervised school groups in Bronze D of E expeditions, some assessed and some practice.
Prepping for HTB + D of E in the sun
For the leaders this meant a morning of walking with the group, then meeting them at set points in the afternoon to check they were still on track and not lost! (We are happy to say none did get lost).
Other than this, there was a mix of sitting in cafes and taking in the scenery before a nights camping out and cooking on trangias.
This was the biggest expedition we had run for this school, with 19 people completing their Bronze D of E successfully, and another 27 completing their practice expeditions, setting them well on their way to completing the award.

3. Finally, we have had the pleasure of celebrating many a Birthday here at A+, with Simon and Liz on the same day, then Saskia a couple of days later. This meant lots of cake was enjoyed, so its just as well we have been busy and active at the same time!
Happy Birthday Saskia!
So that's what we have been up to so far over March.

We will be off for Easter Friday- Monday, then straight into TA Easter the following week!
Check in next week to find out how its all going.

Please do contact us on 01993 703308 or email: if you have any questions or would like to book onto TA Easter (8-11 years old).

Happy Easter everyone!


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