Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Wait for it .... Shoot!!

Saturday 11th March marked the begging of Archery training for the DisTIL team + Simon, Sid and JP.

It stared in the evening so we all traipsed down to the Barn to meet Graham, the instructor from Archery GB. 
He explained to us the basic safety requirements of setting up an archery range and using of bows and arrows.
We then learned about stringing bows the right way and how to know what size arrows and bows are best for people, including choosing our own best fit bows and arrows for use the following day.

Day 2 began with correct set up of the range out on the field, then we began shooting (not firing as we were reminded!).
We learned how to deliver a session to beginners in way that was safe, enjoyable and informative.
This consisted of: introductions, warms ups, loading and shooting demonstrations, guided shooting one-on-one, collection demonstrations and then collection of arrows.
We went through this in groups a few times to make sure everyone got a chance to do each part at least twice.
Thankfully we were very blessed with the weather as it was all glorious sunshine with little wind! 

Claire showing off her skills
Day 3= assessment day! 
We were met at the Barn by Graham and Andy (our assessor) where we went over the programme for the day, strung our bows, collected our arrows, then headed up to the range to begin.
We started with about an hour of personal shooting coaching from Andy and Graham, where they gave us tips on how to aim better or about our stances etc. This was all really helpful stuff and I think everyone learned a thing or two that we will use into the future.

Emily B going for Gold
We then moved on to what we were told was the practice assessment, however due to weather conditions this turned out to be the actual assessment!  
After everyone had had a go delivering about a 20 minute session each we went back inside to have our debriefs, which was basically a verbal delivery of a session and what we would have done if we were coaching a session of beginners. 
They then gave us feedback on how they thought our session went and what we could improve on when we coach again.

I am pleased to report that we all passed and are now Archery Coaches!!

Ben wishing he was in the Hunger Games
As for the rest of the week, it has been (and still is) quite busy out here with lots of bookings going on and everyone is a bit everywhere, so busy season has officially begun! 

Check in to find out what we have been up to  next week.

Emily :)

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