Friday, 29 April 2016

Dragon Keio.

Hello reader, 
Today we headed to The Dragon School for a climbing wall event. We arrived in Oxford and set up the climbing ropes and had plenty of time to have a climb ourselves. The three of us (Emily B, Claire and Beth) had decided to brave it and wear shorts because when we left Clanfield the sun was shining! However, when we arrived there was a rather ominous looking grey cloud lingering right above the school.  For a while we were lucky with the weather as it didn’t rain and the sun was beginning to break through the clouds. I had just reached the top of the climbing wall when it began to snow!
Thankfully, the unexpected and far too cold weather didn’t last long and it was time to begin the event.  The children we were working with were a group of exchange students from a school called Keio in Japan. After a quick warm-up and traversing everyone had a chance to climb up the wall. Everyone did really well on the climbing wall and almost everyone made it to the top of each of the three climbs. It was interesting and challenging to work with children who didn’t speak very much English as it meant we had to adapt the way we led and coached the event. This session was very different to a typical day at Dragon!

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