Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A quick catch-up and Bon Voyage!

Things are changing again here at Adventure Plus as this week we said goodbye to two more of the team. James Scholes is moving to pastures new soon but for now he’ll still be on call to fix our various technical IT problems. Good luck to James and his family! 

Emily Cox has now finished her six month period as a member of the DisTIL team and will soon be setting off on a new adventure to Zimbabwe where she will be staying with and old friend of Adventure Plus - Greg Sanguine and his family. Emily will be working at a primary school for six weeks. We look forward to hearing her stories and seeing her photos when she returns home for the summer. We all hope you have a wonderful time, Emily!

For old times' sake. 
As well as the farewells it has been an interesting week here at Adventure Plus and, despite spending most of the week in the office, a lot has been going on. On Monday the DisTIL team had a day off, so after a well deserved lie-in we headed out on a walk which will count towards out BEL (Basic Expedition Leader) training. The weather was nice enough to spend the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon wandering around the Cotswolds and enjoying creation. 

A walk in the Cotswolds. 
The week also included a bit of training towards our MIAS (Mountain-bike Instructor Award Scheme) which involved skills practice, using the ramps and other equipment and falling off bikes for some… We also headed to The Dragon School for the climbing event which you can read about in our previous post and, finally, we had a really exciting fundraising event at Ditchley Park. We’ll tell you more about this soon. 

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