Friday, 13 May 2016

A Walk in the Sunshine!


Days off recently, for some of us DisTIL’ers, have been used to complete our required 8 day walks for our BEL ( Basic Expedition Leader) qualification. Last Wednesday we headed not too far away to the “small town on the River Windrush in the Cotswold hills in west Oxfordshire, England, about 18 miles west of Oxford, 22 miles southeast of Cheltenham and only about 2 miles from the Gloucestershire boundary”. It was a wonderfully sunny day and we made the most of it by walking through the lovely Cotswold hills.

When Claire tells you to "just keep walking normally."
We got up bright and early and set off to make the most of the day, at 10.30. After parking, and hiding my bananas under the car to protect them from the searing heat of the day, (thanks Beth for this great idea) we got walking. Beth quickly managed to befriend a pair of flirting horses and then begrudgingly agreed to continue with the walk. We climbed a gigantic mountain (translation: tiny hill), and then stopped for lunch underneath the flight path for RAF Brize Norton – I took a million pictures of planes for no apparent reason.
Claire and Emily B.
Pooh sticks was a highlight of the day, mainly because I won – everyone else’s sticks got stuck, winner!

Beth then found a second unconventional friendship for the day in the form of a rock; taking great care of it up until she dropped it and split it in two. Immediate First Aid ensued involving a hair band and the friendship was restored.
The Amateur Photographers.

We followed the edge of the Burford golf course and ended with some ice cream from Shake and Snack. We were blessed with amazing weather all day and learnt that to make a walk truly fun, you have to be truly random and make friends with inanimate objects.

Thanks for reading todays blog, look out for more posts next week!


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