Friday, 6 May 2016

Ditchley Park Fundraising Event.

Hello readers,

On Friday 29th April, at roughly 3pm, a large portion of the Adventure Plus team headed over to Ditchley Park (a country house and estate near Charlbury), for the biggest fundraising event of the year so far.

A team headed to Ditchley Park the week before, to have a look around the site and work out the details for that evening, whilst back at Windmill Farm preparations were under way in earnest to get everything ready for the big event.
The aim of the evening was to raise awareness and money for the building of the lake on the AdventureBase.

The climbing wall with a stunning setting.
Once we had arrived, it was time to set up the mobile climbing wall and prepare everything inside. Myself, Beth, Marc and Simon started to put the wall up, until Marc and myself went to help move some of the food for the evening, which all looked and smelled delicious.

As the guests started to arrive, a few of the Adventure Plus team were doing activities to show off some of the things Adventure Plus does. This involved youth from Cogges church climbing on the wall, Claire, Marc and Luke fencing, whilst myself and JP were busy demonstrating some circus skills. 

Sibling rivalry from the young Baxters. 
Hannah and Tom climbing the wall.
Luke and Claire fencing. 
Circus skills on the front lawn and fencing on the steps.
Once all the guests had arrived, people headed inside, or back home, as a couple more of us took down the wall and packed away the other activities. Once finished we headed inside to help the team in there.

During the evening there was a selection of classical music pieces, along with a presentation about Adventure Plus, followed by a comical video by Jeremy Vine. At the end of this section, we were tasked with a few different jobs, which included myself and Beth serving food to the guests! Meanwhile, the rest of the Adventure Plus team went around speaking to the guests about the work that Adventure Plus does, and making sure that the night went smoothly.

A show of classical music. 
Helen's unique portrayal of money raised.
The time had come for the guests to leave, so Ben and Beth headed out for car park duty, whilst JP, Simon and myself headed outside to spin some glow-poi as the guests left. All in all it was a successful evening with a huge amount of money raised for the lake, as well as some money being pledged for new canoes and kayaks!

Thanks for reading, 

Emily B. 

- Photos by Ben Osman. 


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