Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Summer is on the way.

Hello readers,

I hope you've had a good weekend and that wherever you are it's been as sunny as it has been here in Oxfordshire. For us, this weekend has seen highs of 25 degrees which has put everyone in the mood for summer!
Sunny Sunday!
The week began with a mobile wall event for Rachel, Ben, Simon, volunteer Keith Harwood who drove the wall and myself at a family fun day in White Waltham. The event was organised by local churches and businesses in the area for the local community and to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. When we arrived and eventually found an entrance to the green that was big enough to drive the wall through we began setting up. Unfortunately, we encountered a slight technical hitch and despite having Keith, who has a degree in mechanical engineering with us, we were unable to raise the wall to its usual height. Nevertheless a lot of young people still came and had a go at traversing around the wall rather than climbing up it and everyone had a great time! The wall is now fixed and ready for action again! 

The DisTIL team had a day off on Wednesday and decided that there was nothing better to do than to spend a day outdoors. We set of in the morning, parked the car in Burford and went on a walk in the Sunshine. Read more about this walk and see some of the photos taken in Fridays blog post!

Photo by Claire from our walk. 
For many of us, Friday and Saturday involved trips to The Dragon School in Oxford to run some sessions in climbing, canoeing and kayaking. Both days were hot and sunny making the activities even more enjoyable for instructors and 'dragons' alike. When no one had arrived for kayaking on Saturday afternoon, after we'd been waiting for half an hour, Emily B and I decided to use our time wisely to explore a bit of the Thames in a canoe. After both sessions were over on Saturday we packed up ready to head home, we were ready to leave just as the heaven opened and a thunderstorm began!
The calm before the storm. 
Meanwhile in Deal, Kent, JP and Ester got married and luckily their day didn't include a Thunderstorm! Everyone who attended the wedding said that it was a lovely day and that they especially enjoyed the bouncy castle and garden games. Congratulations JP and Ester! 

On Sunday, the weather was even warmer and so, after church, many of us headed to the Cox's house for a BBQ and to enjoy the sunshine. The afternoon included a lot of food, music and a very intense and long game of Kubb, which eventually ended in victory for my team, made up of myself, Emily B and Jon and Lucy Cox!
Kubb in the garden on Sunday. 
Thanks for reading, come back soon to read more about what we've been up to! 


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