Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The One with the VIP!


As promised here is a post all about what happened when a very special guest visited Windmill Farm! A huge thank you and well done to everyone that made the day perfect and thank you Emily B for this blog post! Enjoy...

The time had come; 3:15pm on Friday 20th May - there was nothing more we could do…
Preparations were well under way in the days ahead and for the DisTIL team this included tidying the whole site, cleaning eight vehicles (inside and out), setting up numerous displays along with rearranging the dining hall and Wellspring Lounge.
A huge amount of logistical preparations were also being done including sending invitations to guests and organising a running order for the day, as well as meetings with security.
The guests started to arrive from 2pm onwards and were greeted by staff for refreshments in the dining hall. Following a short presentation by Jon on the progress that A+ has made over the last year that we have been at Windmill Farm, a few guests were moved into Wellspring lounge awaiting the arrival of the VIP.
Our minivans in convoy! 
3:15pm arrived and passed. 3:20pm arrived and passed. Then at 3:22pm he arrived, Mr David Cameron. Adventure Plus were lucky enough to have David Cameron, the Prime Minister himself, come and visit the site to commemorate the final planting of the trees for the new copse.
As he stepped out of the car he was greeted by Jon and Tessa who brought him through to Wellspring Lounge to greet a few more key people involved in Adventure Plus, and those that primarily helped in the planting of the new copse. After a short presentation by Jon to Mr Cameron about A+, and many questions asked, we headed through to the sports hall where Mr Cameron was able to see some climbers on Windmill Farm’s own climbing wall.

Mr Cameron then had a chance to address the eagerly awaiting guests in the dining hall and speak to some of them personally as well.
3:40pm arrived and it was time to head up to the new copse to plant the tree. Jon, Tessa, a number of directors, the sponsors for the trees and a few others headed up to watch Mr Cameron plant the tree. This was a great chance for everyone to see the site, and to get a feel of the exciting developments that are to come.
Jon explaining his vision. 
The tree was planted, a few photos had been taken, Jon managed to give Mr Cameron his book and he was off. However this wasn’t the end of the event. As Mr Cameron left the rest of the guests came up in the minibuses to see another two trees planted by Niel Nicholson and James Woollard, who between them had sponsored the trees that have been planted.
The first of the trees being planted.
After a few more photos, everyone headed back down for some more refreshments.

The day was an amazing opportunity to spread the word about A+ to higher levels and a great way to mark the final planting for the new copse, commemorating all the hard work that has gone into it by so many different people.

Emily B. 

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