Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Walking with Broadway.

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Today's blog is an insight into one of team’s favourite events. Throughout the year DisTIL and some of the other Adventure Plus team members have been doing a lot of work with Broadway Academy in Birmingham. Dave Wilton, an A+ employee, is based at the school heading up operations. He started working with an aim of getting kids out of the city and into the countryside for at least one day’s walking per year. Dave also co-ordinates the Duke of Edinburgh at Broadway and intends to encourage most pupils to work towards their Bronze award before they leave school. 

Map reading.
Working with kids from Broadway is a great experience. A lot of them spend very little time outside of the city for the simple reason that everything they could possibly need is on their doorstep. It's quite surreal to see how unusual the countryside is for them, but also very rewarding to be able to show them new things. 

Learning about tents with Josh. 

Learning how to kit up. 
 Within the last few months walking trips with Broadway Academy have lead our team to many different places. Early in March Broadway came to Windmill Farm and did some introductory D of E training and walking in the local area. A bit later on in that month a few of us headed towards Birmingham to Cannock Chase, for Emily B, Rachel add I. This was our first opportunity to lead a group on our own - these leadership hours would also count towards BEL (Basic Expedition Leader) award. 

In April some of us headed to the Peak District to do a day walk with some year nine pupils. A lot of these kids weren't completely up for being in the countryside but by the end of the day they were still in high spirits and seemed to have enjoyed the walk. Towards the end of the month some of the team returned to Cannock Chase where they helped to lead groups, some of which were on their D of E practice expedition and others who were doing their qualifying expedition. Those who went said that the expeditions went really well and even though some groups needed a bit of guidance at times they were able to use what they'd previously learnt end enjoyed the experience as a whole. 

Recently we've been on a couple of walking days, last Tuesday some of the team walked with pupils from year seven in the Forest of Dean and the following day some more of us walked with some year eight pupils in Bidford. These walking days were really relaxed and enjoyable, the weather was really nice and the DisTIL team are all starting to feel more confident when leading walking groups. There are a few more Broadway walks coming up this month which I'm sure we're all looking forward to. 

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