Monday, 6 June 2016

Cliff College 2016

Hello Folks,

Apologies that we’ve been quieter over the last couple of weeks, things are getting busy! We’re going to keep you up to date with a blog post at least once a week! So on that note here’s a blog post from Emily B about how some of the team spent their bank holiday weekend!

May Bank Holiday was coming up, but this didn’t mean that everyone at Adventure Plus was going to have an extra day off work; instead JP, Jon, Simon, Claire and I would be heading up to the peak district for Cliff Festival. Cliff Festival is a Christian Conference, run by Cliff College, in the beautiful setting of the Peak District. This was the fifth year that Adventure Plus attended the event and I’m sure we’ll be returning in the years to come.

On Friday, myself and Claire, starting packing everything that we needed for the weekend into two vehicles, which included everything for the climbing wall, archery and the marketing stand, as well as making sure we left enough space for all of our personal camping equipment.
Claire having a go at slack-lining.

JP and Simon headed up on Friday lunchtime, so that they could set up the archery and the marketing stand for that evening. Jon, Claire and I then followed on Saturday morning towing the wall. We arrived with just enough time to set the wall up (in front of an ever growing crowd) ready for the first session of climbing. Climbing was a great opportunity for people to push themselves and try something they had never done before. After climbing we moved onto three short sessions of archery, where people were able to test their skills with a bow and arrow.

An amazing view from the Archery range!
Dinner time arrived and shortly after this we all headed to the evening celebration. This was a great time to worship with hundreds of other people as well as a time to learn about encountering a Holy God, what it means to be a Holy People and living a Holy Life. Although we were all working, everyone found it a wonderful time of spiritual blessing as well.

In all it was a brilliant 3 days, with glorious sunshine all the time, where we were able to spread news about Adventure Plus and provide people with some fun, new experiences.

However being in the Peak District, we couldn’t let the opportunity of experiencing climbing on natural rock go to waste, therefore Simon, Claire, myself as well as Marcus and Ben B (who had already been climbing there for a couple of days) headed out along with Nick, part of the estate team at Cliff College. We learned a lot more about how traditional climbing is done on rocks directly created by God.

Emily B.


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