Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hollie's work experience.

Last week there was an addition to the team, Hollie joined us for a week of work experience, Here's what she had to say...

"I started my experience last Tuesday following a day of rest as I had just done a DofE expedition the weekend before, and a large amount of the Adventure Plus team were not on site the Monday. So on Tuesday morning I came in and met a lot of the team and joined them for ‘morning thought’ and prayer.

As Margaret was giving me a tour of the site Simon kindly offered for me to go with him and JP on a bike recce around a track in Shotover, to check that it was all okay for a later event. I really enjoyed going out and participating in an activity (even though I was knackered by the end of it!) Once we had arrived back on site Simon let me use the pressure hose to wash down the bikes because part of the track was extremely muddy. As the day went on in the afternoon I sat through a meeting and listened to how the team prepared for future events which was a good insight on how AdventurePlus works. Over the next couple of days I helped out with different practical jobs like cleaning up the shed where the equipment is kept and steam cleaning fencing equipment.

This week there were not many events or activities at A+ that I could help out with, so it was not the best week to do work experience. Despite this I felt like I learnt a lot about how the events were set up, how the organisation is run, and I really enjoyed my time. Everyone was so friendly and I would highly recommend that people who are interested in sports and activities consider doing their work experience here. 


Thanks for reading today's blog, come back soon to find out more of what's been going as things continue to get busier here at Adventure Plus! 


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