Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Marc's Baptism and Operation!

So something slightly unrelated to Adventure Plus, yet still amazing, happened on the 22nd of May…

Cogges Church was packed with usual attendees plus friends and family of four baptism candidates (including myself). The 10.30am service was primarily baptism focused; there was a brilliant guest speaker and testimonies from the four of us before we headed up to a house belonging to couple from the church to use their swimming pool.

Brace yourself...
Getting dunked!
There was a great turnout, lots of support from the connect group I am in, the church congregation and other people from Adventure Plus! It's hard to sum it all up in a short blog post, but it was an amazing day and I feel like I'm now settled on my journey with God. I look forward to sharing this experience and my faith with the people I meet in the future and I look forward to continuing to grow throughout this year and for years to come.

If I'm honest, my mind was a bit preoccupied at some points in the afternoon with the knowledge that I was going in for a knee operation at the Great Western Hospital the following day. I arrived at the hospital with my Dad to find that Simon Bell (another Adventure Plus team member) was on his way to come and see me before I got taken away and given anaesthetic…

Why so glum chum?
The operation was a success – Praise God! I’ll spare you the gory details but in short; the surgeon sorted the problem by making a hole in my knee and inserting a camera into the joint to investigate an abscess thing that was then removed. Soon after, when the anaesthetic had worn off, I was awake and, as promised, I was given a salmon salad for dinner! The staff and food were amazing, so I can’t say that it was all bad.

Hopefully the road of recovery won't take too long and I can be back in action getting the most out of my time with Adventure Plus living life to the max!

On the waves to recovery!

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