Friday, 24 June 2016

St John's Hampton Wick 2016

Last Friday afternoon Emily, Ben O, Simon and I travelled to ‘St John’s Hampton Wick,’ a church in London, to run activities for their youth adventure weekend. We worked with 30 children, most of whom were in junior school and a few who were a bit older.
Trick trail on day 2.
Some serious biking. 
When we arrived we set up a few team games before joining the group for a dinner of hot dogs, fruit kebabs and much more. Once fed we ran the team games on a circuit in an attempt to tire out the youngsters before bed… but in actual fact I think we ended up more tired out ourselves! We then moved on to the house of the very hospitable Helen and Hamish Leighton where we spent the night; we were welcomed with open arms and treated to cheese and crackers, exotic juices and more.

Bright and early the next morning we headed back to the church where we were joined by Marc, Jon, Matt Wareham and Lucy Downer. We made our packed lunches and set up the activities for the day. Emily and I were running fencing, Matt and Marc ran tricky trail while Ben and Simon were on the climbing wall and Jon and Lucy were running sessions in the big canoe. Each group rotated around the activities and had a fun-fuelled day, even our last group managed to stay focused for a fencing session even if we had to end the day with a few games of sleeping lions to calm everybody (including Emily) down.
Sleeping Lions.. to the extreme.

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