Friday, 1 July 2016

Kingham Primary School 2016.

This week we welcomed Year 5 from Kingham Primary School. They arrived on Wednesday morning with faces full of smiles and a lot of energy. We started the day with introductions from the A+ staff contingent and then the class split into their teams. Each team got issued a pair of instructors who would stay with them for each of the activities over the two days. This was good for us because we got to build up really great relationships with our group and got to see how they developed over the course of their residential.
The first activity was Icebreakers and Team Games. Ben O and I started with ‘gutterball’ and the initial impression we had was that our team members were going to learn a lot about teamwork from us! After a hectic morning of getting to know each other it was time for a delicious and nutritious lunch.
The afternoon involved different activities for everyone. We began with ‘hiking’ which meant a short walk around Clanfield. Some were satisfied enough by the walk alone while others found extra joy and excitement from walking through many of the muddy puddles. When we got back to Windmill Farm our group moved into the Sports Hall to take on the climbing wall.
After another well-deserved meal it was time for a campfire with songs and marshmallows followed by bed! We got to sleep in our own beds for a relaxing change while the group camped out in the field. Thankfully the thunderstorm that had been anticipated never showed its face!
The next morning we met up for breakfast and prepared for another day of adventurous fun. Our first activity was bushcraft so we split the team into two smaller groups and set them off to build their own shelters. After just a day together they were already working much better as a team. After the shelters were built and the team work reviewed we moved onto building mini fires. Everyone was willing to help each other out by offering advice and tips which was really great to see!
The next activity of the morning was archery which again saw great team work as well as little bit of everyone’s competitive streak. Archery is always a really good activity to see children develop in and improve with at every turn they have.  We then had lunch and thanked Matt for the amazing food he’d prepared over the two days. Following lunch we headed out to our final activity of the residential which for us was tricky trail. Ben headed up the course while I had the pleasure of teaching one girl to ride a bike! This, for me, was the true highlight of the two days!

Then the end of the day came around all too quickly and it was time to say goodbye!

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  1. Those children are lucky to be a part of such a different experience. Activities like these can sometimes teach kids a lot more than the convential methods of teaching.