Friday, 22 July 2016

Long time no blog...

Hello readers! 

Sorry its been a while since you last heard from me and the rest of the DisTIL team! We’ve been super busy and away from home a lot, and therefore we’ve not really had time to blog… So let me tell you what we’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks.

Firstly, a residential Kingham Primary School at Windmill Farm. Over the course of two days we walked, climbed, did some archery, some bushcraft, played team games and ate a lot of good food. 

Over two weeks ago now most of the DisTIL team as well as Rachel, JP, Ben Biscoe, Simon, and Dave Waters headed up to Quinta for the Batt School residential where I've heard they had a lot of fun and enjoyed food cooked by Charles and Grace all week.

Meanwhile Ben O, Josh and I were at Ashburnham for a shorter residential with year five and six from London Christian School. These were a really good couple of days, with a much smaller group of kids that we were able to get to know and see develop over the course of the residential. One of the best things about this job is getting to see the change that happens when children spend an intense amount of time with each other in an environment that isn't school, as they learn independence and become better at team work. 
Improving team work on the group skis. 

The next residential was Kent College, we were back at Ashburnham with a group of year sevens from an all girls school. This group definitely had a different dynamic to a lot of the other groups we have worked with recently. The week was busy but surprisingly relaxed and turned out to be my favourite residential so far… despite being tipped into the river by group A and their teacher! The weather was really nice for most of the week and the Kent College girls always managed to find time to get some of our team to join in with their gymnastics on the lawn. 
Low ropes. 
The weekend disappeared in a flash and we found ourselves back at Ashburnham for the final school residential of the academic year with Swindon Academy. This much livelier bunch definitely kept us on our toes and the week was set to be very different from the previous one. Nevertheless fun was had by everyone in all of the activities. As well as our typical sessions of canoeing, archery, low ropes and biking the week also involved a water fight, wild swimming, various wide games, hunt the leader and Swindon Academy’s very own music festival. The music festival was a highlight for many especially due to Adventures Plus’ very special performance of ‘Where is the Love?’ This week was also tainted with sadness as it was James’ last event with us, but he most definitely went out with a blast having delivered a jam packed week of fun! 
Chilled end to a busy week. 
Be sure to come back soon and check out the posts from the first week of Total Adventure and read all about what we’re getting up to there! 


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