Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Rachel's Year with Adventure Plus!

As you may know Rachel was not officially a member of this years DisTIL team but nevertheless had joined in with a lot of the fun things we've been up too. Here's what she has to say about her internship year with Adventure Plus...


"Hello readers!

Here's a round up of my year in facts and figures (for those of you who don't like to read too much):

Number of events: 75 (including leading 15)

Days of training: 43

Number of different house mates: 9

Favourite activity to lead with a group: canoeing/bushcraft

Days in the office: 63
Days on the water: 28
Nights away: 41 (including 19 under canvas)
New qualifications: fencing, walking, first aid
In-house qualifications: 8
New skills gained: circus skills, rock climbing, fencing
Favourite event: Blake School Residential
Most memorable staff time: praying round the campfire at the end of Kent College residential
Unexpected highlight: white water kayaking (despite being petrified the first time I now do it in my spare time!)
Most enjoyable moment: staff canoe paddle on the Thames for mine and Beth's birthday!
Number of capsizes: now that would be telling!
Greatest achievement: pushing Emily B into Ashburnham lake
Funniest moment: Emily C falling into a bush at Ashburnham while trying to put a canoe onto the trailer
Next year: staying at A+!
Looking forward to: having some time off to go sailing, then welcoming the new DisTIL team

And for those of you who do like to read, here's a summary of my year in 267 words:

September 2015 seems like a long time ago, yet the year also seems to have flown by! We've crammed a lot in - from training days to birthdays celebrated in style on the river, coaching DisTIL paddling skills to leading events all over the country. It's been busy, but also fun, faith-filled and an adventure.

A+ has seen quite a bit of staffing change this year, with several people leaving for pastures new, and also new ones joining our team. But I guess it's the change in ourselves which is often harder to see; it's been an incredible privilege to be a part of everyone's faith journeys - particularly the DisTIL team’s during SI (Spiritual Input; meeting most Thursday mornings together). It's also been amazing to see people growing in things like confidence and leadership ability. I seem to have avoided answering the question of how I've changed over the year..! Having already lived in a Christian community for a year, I sort of knew what I was letting myself in for living and working with the same people! Starting as someone who already a few qualifications but not very much experience in leading them, it was good to put into practice what I'd learned, as well as learning how A+ runs: on events and behind the scenes in the office. Progressing on to leading events later in the year was a new challenge but a good one. God has been an amazing constant through the year, and I'm looking forward to growing more in my faith as well as seeing others do the same over the coming year.
Thanks for reading!"
River Birthday Twins.

Teletubbie Day. 

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