Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Total Adventure Week One.


Last week Distil members Ben and myself, as well as several members of Adventure Plus staff and volunteers, got together for the first week of Total Adventure! The week began on Sunday afternoon when all the leaders got together for a training day; we all got to know each other and got everything ready for the week ahead. We concluded the day with an amazing meal of curry and poppadoms.

The campers arrived early the next morning full of energy and anticipation. Once everyone had arrived the leaders had a chance to present an ‘advert’ for their activity in order to sell it to the campers and show them a little bit of what they might get up to in each activity. For me this involved getting covered in paint and water!

Once everyone had signed up we moved onto ‘It’s a Knockout’ challenge which allowed the campers to get to know their dorm groups during a series of team games. Then after a well-deserved lunch, it was time for afternoon activities. Emily C and I were lucky enough to be heading up Arts and Crafts so had a relaxing afternoon of that followed by band practice while the campers had ‘chill time.’ Next was a delicious dinner cooked by the Windmill Farm team followed by the Roadshow. The Roadshow was the highlight of the day, led by Simon and Dave and full of fun. It included hilarious games, the dorm challenge, worship songs and a talk from JP on this year’s theme ‘Space’, looking at the greatness of God. Once the Roadshow was over we split into out dorm groups for some time to reflect and talk about what we’d heard. In my dorm we got to know each other a bit better and shared stories, everyone had a chance to ask questions and give answers. The final part of the day was a game of Barnyard Scramble on the field before heading to bed.
Letter grid is challenging.. 

Robot Wars. 


The next morning we filled ourselves with breakfast in preparation for a full day of activities! Then some people headed to the river for kayaking and canoeing, some went on a bike ride, others headed to the copse for a bushcraft session and the rest spent the morning doing a mixture of archery, circus skills, playing dobble and eating biscuits! After lunch there were more activities followed by dinner and then it was back into the Roadshow. There we were joined by Graham who gave his exciting testimony which really got the campers thinking about the amazing things that God does in ordinary people’s lives.


Getting Arty.

Wednesday was ‘D’day,’ something that the campers look forward to every year, the whole day revolved around this year’s theme ‘space.’ It began with Dave and Simon explaining that the world had been invaded by cows and that we needed to evacuate our beloved planet and mooove on to pastures new. As the day unfolded and became more and more crazy teams built space ships, raced their space ships, played a unique and elaborated version of Barnyard scramble which became ‘Planetizer,’ went on a treasure hunt and finally battled the cows in a game of sock blizzard. D’day was a lot of fun which continued into the evening with a barbecue and the Roadshow around the campfire.

Ready to play Blizzard!


Thursday was the last full day and involved another full programme of activities and the now familiar evening routine. However after dorm time that evening it was time for ‘TAs got talent!’ Several acts took to the stage to impress the audience and make everyone laugh; one of the highlights of the evening was a special appearance from Ben who gave everyone a taste of his hidden talent which turned out to be operatic singing
Ready for action. 


Fun on the water!

Friday came around all too quickly but even though it was the last day it was full of fun. The morning was spent doing more activities and in the afternoon we had a final Roadshow and ‘Court in the Act’ during which campers could accuse fellow campers and leaders of bad things they had done throughout the week and watch as they received their punishments. After the Roadshow came to an end we spent the end of the day in our dorm groups before saying goodbye.
TA group photo!
My first experience of a Total Adventure Holiday was really great and I can’t wait to be part of it next year. Thanks for reading this week’s blog, come back next week and find out what went on the second week of TA! 

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