Friday, 2 September 2016

Claire's DisTIL Year.

Hello again, here is Claire's summary of her DisTIL year! 


"I can't believe a year has already come and gone so quickly. It has been such a great year and I have loved it so much! I have learnt many new skills, gained so much experience and confidence and made so many new friends.

Some of my favourite memories from the year are TA Ski - the whole week was so much fun and flying down the slopes (even in a purple teletubby costume!) was amazing. Most of my BEL walks stick in my mind. On one occasion we saw a green hunting group on horses and all their dogs, some deer, lots of geese, lots of massive puddles - some of which we had to walk through. Another occasion saw Ben giving us piggy-backs across a supposedly small river! I have also really enjoyed the School Residentials and the Total Adventure Holidays.
Next year I will be staying with A+ as an intern, which I am looking forward to. I can't wait to develop my new found skills and take on some new responsibilities."
Way back at the start of the year. 

River Fun. 

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