Friday, 9 September 2016

Welcome to Chloe and Josh!


As my A levels came to an end I was constantly being asked ‘what are you doing now?’ and ‘What university will you be going to?’

I was certain outdoor pursuits was the way forward for me, but honestly I had no clue how to go about getting into the job and getting the training I needed. I was certain not to go to university, as I hate loads of theory work. I like to be thrown in at the deep end and learn in that way! I set out looking for hands-on courses to join. Then one day I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a blog written by a friend who was on the DisTIL gap year. After discussing the gap year with them my mind was made up. I was applying for A+.

This year I’m looking forward to gaining the qualifications I need to pursue my goals of becoming an Outdoor Adventure Instructor and heading off on events to work around the country.


Hello my name is Josh and I am from all over the place!  Due to being an MK (Missionary Kid) it is difficult to say where home is, having lived around the world. Although originally from the South of England my family is now based in Lincolnshire at the New Tribes Mission headquarters. So I guess that would be home for me.

So the time came when I knew I would have to leave the nest and I asked God to guide me to where He would have me go after college, and that place ended up being Adventure Plus! Why Adventure Plus? Well apart from all the exciting activities that I will be involved in, such as rock climbing and kayaking, I also enjoy working with children and have a desire to grow as a Christian, which is exactly what A+ is all about. For me knowing that A+ invests so much in your spiritual wellbeing convinced me that this was the place for me. I also look forward to developing skills in various areas and serving A+ in whatever way they would have me. I have never done well in a classroom setting, so to be able to use my practical skills in service for the Lord is such an awesome opportunity. Even in this last week I have seen God use my practical skills in different activities and in work.

I am most looking forward to seeing how God develops me as a person as I seek to serve and live for Him throughout this year and the rest of my life. Adventure Plus is just the start of a new exciting adventure for me!

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