Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Saint Georges House Meet Up

Last week I went to Saint Georges House in North Devon, with Marc, Rachel and Emily. We were there for a meet up with some other Christian Outdoor Activity Centres (FACT, CYE and SGH) to have some fun, fellowship, discussions and prayer.

We got to Devon a little bit early, so we stopped for lunch and had a damp walk down to the beach.

After getting there and settling in it was time for our first activity. Most people opted for surfing and a little group of us did a walk to the beach. The walk was so wet that we could have almost gone surfing!! In the evening it was time for worship with a talk on Psalm 23 and how God provides for us.

In the morning it was time for another activity. The popular vote was surfing and this time Emily and I decided to have a go. There were three of us that had never surfed before, so after a quick lesson we were on the waves! I thought it was going to be freezing, but I was surprised how well wet suits work and I loved it. I managed to stand up briefly once and Emily a few times too. Rachel stood up for the first time as well in some of the bigger waves! Unfortunately, Marc was stuck to the sofa under strict doctor’s orders with an injured thumb.

In the afternoon we split into groups to discuss how the year had been (it’s a yearly meet up) and how things were going for us individually, with time to pray. Emily and I were in a group with most of the people we met on our Level 1 Canoe and Kayak Coaching week. This was really good as we were able to share quite easily and knew a bit about each other. After dinner and an engagement! (a couple from FACT), we had a time of worship and then split into different groups again to discuss Psalm 23 - what it means to us and then ways of applying it to our lives. The next day we had centre feedback, where each group shared a bit about what had been happening at their centre, future plans and generally how things were going. Then sadly it was home time.

I had a really good time away - I tried an activity which I was wary of trying and loved it and cannot stop talking about it! It was great to meet up with some of the people we met last year and meet new people that we share our faith with and who are in the same line of work.


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