Friday, 11 November 2016

TA Reunion!

October half term was chance for some of the young people that joined us in the summer for our Total Adventure Holidays to be reunited on ‘TA Reunion’!

They all arrived with us on Monday afternoon. Some were very tired and but excited to spend a few days catching up with each other and doing fun activities. After lunch we started our time together with a big game of My Chair, an A+ classic! We then moved on to do some climbing on the new routes set up in the sports hall. They all had a go at the different routes and looked at how to set up ropes.

We then had our Roadshow which involved some dry swimming and a bible talk by JP. In the evening we had planned for a bonfire, but it poured down and so everyone got into their sleeping bags and we all watched a film instead.

Tuesday morning came and after a bit of encouragement the young people eventually got up and we got ready for a canoe trip. We got all the kit ready and then set off for Lechlade. Our journey began and within 15 minutes we had our first capsize! Half way on our trip we found some inflatable boats, which some of the young people took a particular liking to and carried them all the way back. At the end Emily decided she wanted to see if it was easy to paddle in one of them and had a go in it!

The evening was dry (yay!) so it was time for a fire, some crazy challenges - one of which was getting a chocolate biscuit down your face and into your mouth - and another talk from the bible, this time from Emily.

On Wednesday the young people chose to do to slacklining, circus skills and archery. After a final roadshow and a talk from me, with chance to input into next year’s Total Adventure Holidays we said goodbye to everyone. I think lots of fun was had by all - especially seeing Emily’s silly faces - and we are all looking forward to the next TA! 

Til next time, Claire